About Us

The Jersey Beer Guys (and a girl) Podcast was started to help make more people aware of the growing craft beer movement in NJ. When the State of NJ relaxed it’s rules for tasting rooms in 2012, they probably had no idea how it would take off. NJ was at the bottom of the states for the total number of and per capita number of breweries but the numbers grew at astounding rates since then. Times have changed since then and the state continues to grow every year.

Rob Towey
The ringleader of the group, it was his idea to start the show. After visiting a brewery and enjoying the whole experience, he decided he needed to get the word out to as many people as he could. Sitting home after an operation, he figured it was time to do something, but what? He doesn’t consider himself much of a writer and he definitely knew he had a face for radio. That’s where explored the idea of podcast and started to talk about when Eric entered the picture,

Eric Bracken
He has been Rob’s friend since they were 5 years old and he hasn’t been able to get rid of him yet. When he was told of the plan and knowing that Rob had no idea what he was doing, he sent him to meet a guy he used to work with that owned an internet radio station. After the trip to Toxic Radio to get the skinny on podcasting, Rob asked Eric to join, simply because they needed someone who would drink any beer because they knew there would be beer they didn’t like and Eric would undoubtedly fit the bill.

Ian Towey
When Rob was thinking about starting the show, he thought about including his son (the other son is married with 3 kids, so not much time for podcasting and drinking for him) Ian started drinking craft beer long before his “old man” and was trying to get him to expand his tastes. He wasn’t totally on board with the whole idea but he decided to humor his father and got involved. Ian has become the engineer of the show over time and when he has those rough mornings and can’t make early recordings, it leaves Rob to do it and I’m sure everyone knows when the kid is missing.

Amy Dimond
She wasn’t the first choice for “the girl” but when she was asked, she didn’t hesitate to join. She is Rob’s sister so she has known Eric for a very long time and Ian since he was born. Amy was a total noob at craft beer when she started and a lot of the show is based on her learning all about it. She brings the majority of the humor to the show, you’ll never know what she is going to say next.

At the kid’s wedding.L-R. Eric, Ian, Amy and Rob